About AHF

Our Mission

The American Haitian Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to working with Haitians to improve their future by providing a quality education for students that empowers them be self-reliant and to make positive contributions in their communities. We also believe that education is the building block for future community development.


  • Fund and operate St. Antoine School for 1,000 students, Pre-school to Grade 13.
  • Support a feeding program that provides a nutritious, protein-enriched hot meal each school day during the school's calendar year for all students and staff.
  • Provide health care by organizing an annual medical mission to assess the health of students, identify and treat health problems, and maintain individual student health records.
  • Provide for students who cannot afford to pay full tuition.
  • Employ approximately 100 Haitian administration, faculty, and support staff at the school.
  • Provide housing at the school for boarding faculty.
  • Provide power at the school using renewable energy.
  • Inspire and help other communities and non-profits to learn from the success of our model.
  • Encourage a future community of dignity, hope, and self-reliance.

All supporters and volunteers involved with the American Haitian Foundation have much to be proud of for helping create and support this school. And the students, faculty and staff at CESA have even more to be proud of. What a wonderful, vibrant, and hopeful place.
- Dr. Steve Harrold, 2018 Medical Mission Family Physician

AHF Board of Directors

Director Jack Davidson, Tennessee
Monseigneur Herve Granjean, Haiti
Betty Miles, Tennessee
Emmanuel Pressoir, Haiti 

Jeff Rohling, California
Allen Vessels, Tennessee 
Dr. Chris Young, Tennessee